Pilot Hill Advisors is a specialized investment banking and ESOP advisory firm. We develop and implement ownership transition strategies for private companies that include management and employee ownership. The most common strategies used are Management Buyouts and ESOPs.

We analyze and structure alternatives, raise capital and guide our clients from feasibility to closing. Our principals have successfully executed these transactions since 1985 and provide expert, accessible and independent advice.

A Unique Perspective

Pilot Hill Advisors is unique in its focus on advising companies evaluating internal ownership transition strategies that maximize value while including management and employees. We are motivated by our involvement in creating outcomes that benefit our clients and their stakeholders.

A Tailored Solution

Pilot Hill Advisors does not utilize any single transition strategy or M&A technique. Frequently, a number of different strategies are needed to accomplish an owner's objectives. Every owner's goals and company situation are different and this will generally narrow down the choices.

  • Do I want to sell all or part of my company?
  • Do I want to exit the business now or remain involved?
  • What are the tax implications of these strategies?

Helping owners identify their priorities through dialogue and analysis one way Pilot Hill Advisors helps its clients create successful solutions.

A Plan and Process

The key to selecting the right transition strategy is planning. Only after the owner's goals are identified can a comprehensive analysis be conducted to determine the various alternatives available to achieving those objectives. This requires in-depth discussions and due diligence. Once the appropriate techniques have been selected, Pilot Hill Advisors will analyze and compare alternatives that optimize the outcome.

An Experienced Firm

The founders of Pilot Hill Advisors have assisted hundreds of families, partners and entrepreneurs evaluate and implement transition strategies using Management Buyouts, Management Buy-Ins and ESOPs. Our expertise in finance, tax and organization dynamics provides the perspective needed to craft a customized ownership transition solution designed to address the varied objectives established by the business owner.