Pilot Hill Advisors assist clients interested in expansion strategies using mergers and acquisitions. We identify and value targets, assist with due diligence, evaluate offer ranges and negotiate to closing. These are mostly on behalf of 100% ESOP-owned clients that have paid down most, if not all, of their buyout debt and are accumulating cash. Our expertise with the ESOPs complexities ensures that fiduciary issues and governance processes are properly addressed.

As the company's investment banker, Pilot Hill Advisors assists in evaluating strategies to:

  • Identify and screen potential targets
  • Conduct valuation and accretion analysis
  • Develop bidding strategies
  • Evaluate and negotiate offers of the target
  • Assist in due diligence of target
  • Profile alternative methods for unwinding the ESOP

The firm also works with its clients that have determined a sale or divestiture of a business unit is in the best interest of its shareholders and assists in privately negotiated sale and divestiture projects.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about mergers and acquisitions or discuss how M&A might help your company.