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Benchmarking compensation data can be a critical tool to help companies make sound decisions. There are very few compensation data sources available that provide a sizable number of ESOP companies for comparison. The NCEO's Executive Compensation Survey is one of the only data sources specifically tailored to companies with ESOPs.  The NCEO gathered executive and director compensation data from ESOP companies from October 2018 through April 2019. Our online survey received 419 valid responses from a diverse group of companies. 

The survey collected compensation data for eight top executive officers: CEO or president; CFO; COO; CIO; top divisional vice president; top human resources professional; top sales/marketing executive; and manufacturing/products/services vice president. Respondents provided data on base pay, cash incentive pay, stock-based incentive pay, 401(k), and ESOP contributions. The survey also collected data on board composition and compensation by type: outside, inside, and affiliated directors.

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