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INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BSA LifeStructures, a nationally recognized architecture and engineering firm, announced today that the company is transferring beneficial ownership, becoming a 100% ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program).

"It is a way for employees to share financially in the wealth we create, no matter the job they hold. We are all now partners in the firm," said Melissa Davis, president of BSA LifeStructures.

What is an ESOP? In short, an ESOP is a qualified employee retirement benefit plan that gives employees a stake in the company through stock allocation at no cost to the employee.

"As our vision states: in partnership with our clients, BSA LifeStructures is a national leader in Healing, Learning and Discovery centered on a culture of empowerment," states chairman, Kevin Token. "That is why I think a culture of empowerment is what will truly define innovation, leading our organization in the years to come."

As BSA LifeStructures shifts to a new ownership structure, its visual identity will highlight key elements of this transition in 2018.

Founded in Indianapolis in 1975, BSA focuses on architecture, engineering, interior design and planning services for facilities that support and enhance healing, learning and discovery – what the firm describes as LifeStructures. BSA has designed facilities for some of the nation's top healthcare, higher education and research institutions. Learn more at

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