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A recent survey of over two thousand recipients of individual equity awards by Fidelity shows that stock plans are highly valued by employees and the perception of these plans has strengthened since 2011.   Here is what the respondents to the 2014 Participant Research Results are saying:

  • 62% were very or extremely satisfied with their company stock plans, up from 56% in 2011
  • 59% more loyal and work harder due to their company funded plan
  • 82% said getting stock would be an important consideration in changing jobs and 39% said it was a "must have"

Equity compensation, whether in the form of options, grants or ESOPs, continues to be a highly valued as an employee benefit. 

Having the ability to combine  company funded equity benefits with an ownership transition plan using an ESOPs is a powerful and flexible tool.  Structured properly, an ESOP sale (partial or 100%) can provide tax advantages unavailable to other ownership transition alternatives.